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What’s Next for Social Media?

This awesome infographic from Ignite shows how social media seems to be plateauing. So, my question is, what is next? What’s the next innovation?

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America's Bane

My pastor just finished a sermon series on the book of Ecclesiastes. Maybe that’s why chapter 1, verse 9 came to my mind last Friday night after seeing the Dark Knight Rises.

What has been is what will be, and … Read More

Jack of All Trades

My kids woke up early this morning. A toddler and a three-year old keep my days busy and varied. This morning, before I could start my writing assignments I had to sew a stuffed purple snake that my daughter “won” … Read More

Who uses Hootsuite?

McDonald’s, the NCAA (and boy do they have their hands full with all the athletes tweeting about whatever pops into their heads), Sony, the Hard Rock Cafe and more. I’m not a big name brand; I’m just a sole proprietor … Read More

Celebrating Independence Day

It seems fitting to discuss a few important habits that freelancing has freed me from on this celebration of America’s independence from Great Britain 236 years ago. When Bostonians beset with ire over Britain’s excessive taxation liberated tea from the … Read More