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Campaign Cartography

I enjoy following politics. I’m not sure why because it usually leaves me disillusioned. Still, I enjoy the horse race as much as anyone. I LOVE these political maps NPR posted today that show which states are most important in … Read More

Anatomy of a Pitch Infographic

I like infographics. As a copywriter, By leveraging the impact of stats with the power of graphic design, they create digestible data in our information overloaded society. Here’s one that not only covers the anatomy of a pitch (which is … Read More

Ads for Copywriters

As a copywriter, I watch ads a little differently than someone who’s not in the advertising industry. For example, I LOVE football, but unless one of my teams has skin in the Superbowl matchup, I look forward to the ads … Read More

Content Curation

Continuing with the theme of online content, I thought I’d share this infographic which I found helpful about creating online content. It gets at the nature of content creation by switching up the second word – creation really is about … Read More

The Future of Online Content

Wow. That’s a really broad topic to headline a post with. What is the future of online content? Where is it going? As a copywriter, this is of particular importance to me because if I want to ensure an ongoing … Read More