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Meet the Content Strategist & Copywriter – Nicole

My love affair with the written word began at the tender age of eight, when I spun a yarn about an awkward and homesick penguin for my fourth grade English class. I’ve since entered the realm of business, marketing and SEO-friendly web copy but I’ve never forgotten my roots. As a freelance copywriter in Omaha, I still believe that writing is an artistic expression and every time I strike the keys, I intend to evoke a response from my listeners. Treat your clients to a symphony of the mind with clear, engaging copy by using my services for your next project. Between my experience writing for ad agencies, marketing firms and small businesses, my Master’s in Communication, and daily life with a growing family, I’ll bring a unique and compelling perspective to your communication needs.

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John Schmoll finance writer

Meet the Content Marketer & Copywriter – John

I love investing. In my former days, I was a stockbroker for a well known brokerage house. I gave all that up three years ago to put my MBA in Finance to better use; to pursue my passion of helping people learn how to better manage their money.
Specifically, I started Frugal Rules, a successful personal finance website, and went to work growing and expanding InkHarmony. My articles have been featured on numerous sites including Daily Finance, Fortune, Forbes, CNBC, Yahoo Finance, MSN Money and more. I’m experienced writing about everything related to personal finance and investing for publications, brokerages, firms, companies, businesses and advisors. Here are a few samples of my work in popular areas.

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