July 18, 2012

Jack of All Trades

My kids woke up early this morning. A toddler and a three-year old keep my days busy and varied. This morning, before I could start my writing assignments I had to sew a stuffed purple snake that my daughter “won” the night before. It provided a good metaphor for copywriting.

As copywriters, graphic designers and marketing professionals, we help our clients express themselves and their services in an advantageous, genuine and hopefully, profitable, way. This requires knowing how to write and design for a variety of audiences. In a given day I might write 12 pieces for three audiences. It’s kind of like sewing together that snake on my stovetop.

If you find yourself performing the artistic equivalent of sewing stuffed snakes together, my advice is threefold:

  1. Know your audience.
  2. Know your client.
  3. Know your timeframe.

Before your fingers hit the keyboard to type one stroke, or click the mouse, get a clear picture in  your head of who you’re creating for. With your client’s goals, vision, services and values fresh in your mind, start writing/designing. Not for yourself, but for your client. Get the assignment done early or on time. This will help ensure you get more assignments. In the posts to come, we’ll dig into these three aspects more deeply.

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