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Creating Content That’s Fresh and Genuine

There was some sage advice for me this morning in the 29th chapter of Proverbs:

Do you see a man who is hasty in his words? There is more hope for a fool than for him.

I read that twentieth … Read More

The Hardest Part of Copywriting

The hardest aspect of copywriting is to be brief. To say something meaningful in less, rather than more words is a craft unto itself. In trying to hone this skill myself, I ran across this encouraging quote:

“He did not … Read More

Why Creativity Matters

We shouldn’t discontinue space exploration. Yes, it’s expensive and on the surface may seem much less important than say, feeding people or providing clean water to the developing world. Exploration and experimentation, particularly scientific, lead to innovations that can change … Read More

What Makes a Good Tagline?

What are the first five taglines that come into your mind?

Here are mine:

1. Good to the last drop.

2. Just do it.

3. Imagination at work.

4. Open happiness.

5. Let’s Build Something Together

Maxwell House, Nike, GE, … Read More

How to Be a Better Copywriter – Advice from a Professional

As a professional copywriter with more than six years of experience writing for companies, ad agencies and myself, I’ve put some thought into what writing advice I can share with anyone else out there striving to be a better copywriter. … Read More