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  • Marketing Services

    Marketing strategy and ad campaigns from conception to execution.

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  • Copywriting Services

    Ad Campaigns, Blogging, Newsletters, Website Content

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  • Marketing Materials

    White Papers, Case Studies, Infographics, Brochures, Product Guides

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Throughout history, words have been applied with various mediums – ink, chalk, type, byte. Today, InkHarmony harnesses the power of the digital age to put words to work for you. InkHarmony is a full service copywriting and marketing content outfit offering expertise in a variety of writing projects and marketing strategy from conception to execution. Our relationships with talented web designers, graphic artists, media buyers and marketing specialists ensures that we can take care of all your writing and marketing needs.

Launching a new product or service? Redesigning your company website? Graphics and design are important, but copywriting is just as critical. Trust InkHarmony to write SEO content for your website that sells. Let us create content for an email marketing campaign or digital advertising campaign that describes your product or service with copywriting that is designed to attract, convert and delight your customers.

Expect professionalism, personal attention, timeliness and quality copy crafting when you choose InkHarmony. Capabilities include:

  • Online content (website pages, complete website content, keyword-rich articles)

    If you’re not using your website as a sales tool, you’re missing out on revenue you could be enjoying. Make your website content compelling and profitable with our professional copywriting services. Certified in inbound methodology and well-versed in SEO, we write complete website content that attracts, converts and delights customers.

  • Advertising (billboard, print, radio, TV, web banner ads, complete campaign copy)

    If people can’t find you, they can’t buy your products of services. InkHarmony freelance copywriters have experience writing radio spots, TV commercial copy, digital ad campaign copy, print ad copy and outdoor print and digital billboard content.

  • Blogging (blog creation, regular, reoccurring and guest blog posts)

    Have a blog or know you need to start one? It’s hard to find the time to write weekly content for your business when you’re busy running it. Let InkHarmony do it for you. Our experienced freelance writers and bloggers are here to craft compelling, SEO-rich blog posts for your company or personal blog or other publishing platform. We write 500, 1500 and 5000+ word posts, optimized for Google search, for businesses in the healthcare, auto, retail, finance, insurance, trades and more industries. Call us today!

  • Marketing materials (brochures, flyers, presentations, product guides, infographic copy)¬†Pictures matter. Video is a critical component of any integrated marketing campaign today. But pictures alone won’t sell your products and services online. A video begins with a script. Marketing materials like flyers, powerpoint presentations, sales sheets, white papers and ebooks all help move prospects through your sales funnel. Trained in inbound methodology, InkHarmony copywriters understand how to position your brand to prospects with content that speaks to their pain points; to customers ready to buy with content that shows how your products and services meet their needs and explains the benefits and features when your customers are ready to explore them; and delights existing customers with ongoing content like blog posts and email newsletters that continue to showcase the value of your products and services.

Other examples of copywriting and marketing content that InkHarmony writes include:

  • Marketing strategy (content planning, campaign concepting and execution)
  • Marketing execution (ad design, web design, media buying and ad placement through our extended network of advertising professionals)
  • Sales materials (line cards, product brochures,¬†rate cards, sales presentations, PowerPoint presentations)
  • Newsletters (email, online, print)
  • Direct mail (emails, flyers, letters, postcards)
  • Biographies
  • Press releases
  • Articles (editorial, feature, and opinion pieces for websites and magazines)
  • Speechwriting
  • Infographics
  • Survey design
  • Academic editing and writing
  • Senior living/healthcare marketing

Contact InkHarmony today with your project request.