September 21, 2015

Reading the Sunday Times Makes Me a Better Freelance Copywriter

Move Over Millenials, Here Comes Generation Z

reading the Times makes me a better freelance copywriter

Move Over Millenials, Here Comes Generation Z — from the NYT on Sept. 18 by Alex Williams; photo credit: Mikey Burton

I did something yesterday that I almost never do anymore. I read an entire paper – the New York Times Sunday paper to be exact.
I was traveling and didn’t feel like turning on my laptop so I dug in and got my hands dirty with newsprint. One article in particular stood out to me – it was a brief but insightful piece on Generation Z.
As both an advertiser and a Gen Xer with Millenial in-laws, I find generalized generation descriptions humorous and yet anecdotedly insightful as well.
My job as a marketer and more specifically, professional freelance copywriter, is to intersect brands with the consumers who love them at the points of contact where they are most likely to form meaningful connections. In a way, I’m a matchmaker and as such, I can never rest on my laurels when it comes to figuring out how to most effectively bring brands and their ideal customers together.
Customers are always changing and it’s important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding what matters to them and what messages will break through the information chaos. I think this piece from the New York Times helps with that by giving some insight into the up and coming generation of consumers – Generation Z, and what makes them unique from Millenials.
I hope you enjoy the read as much as I did and if you need any help crafting your message, let’s get in touch.

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