May 3, 2016

3 Reasons Disney is Worth the Cost

Anyone who knows me will quickly tell you that I am a Disney freak. When it comes to Walt’s claim that his park is ‘the happiest place on earth,’ it rings true for me. Some of my earliest memories are of times that my parents took me to Disneyland. Some of my memorable firsts I experienced at Disneyland include:

  • First roller coaster ride
  • First crush
  • First flirt with the law
  • First date with my now-husband

Now that I am a parent myself, I love making memorable firsts with my own children. Just this year, I was able to take my youngest son to Disneyland for his first time. The two of us and my parents re-experienced all our favorite rides and places with my youngest boy. He got to ride on an airplane for the first time and still equates flying with going to Disneyland. His favorite book is a little picture book of the park and he literally can’t wait to go again.

In light of all this, I thought it might be helpful to share with other parents or young people who might be thinking of going to Disneyland and may be wondering whether or not it is worth the cost. Here are three reasons I believe it is.

#1 – The Rides are Unlimited

My family and I enjoy visiting state fairs near us. We’ve been to the Texas State Fair, Iowa State Fair and Minnesota State Fair so far. At each one, we’ve seen that the midway sections are very pricey. Just for my three kids and I alone to ride the farris wheel, it costs $24 – $30. That’s for one ride. My kids are rarely satisfied with one ride. A single day child admission park hopper pass to Disneyland costs $99; the same costs $149 for a park hopper pass, which will give you admission to all four of the Walt Disney World resort parks or $99 for just the Magic Kingdom (what I affectionately consider Florida’s Disneyland).

Three rides at a State Fair would cover the cost of one full day admission to Disneyland or the Magic Kingdom. In my opinion, the rides and character experiences so outweigh the midway at a state fair that they aren’t even in the same league. For one price, my kids can enjoy Disney for an entire day. If you plan it right and go during the off-season and during the middle of the week, you can get more for your money by battling less people at the park.

Taking advantage of Disney’s Fast Pass and planning out the rides that are most important to you beforehand will help you get the most value out of your trip and feel like you got your money’s worth.

#2 – The Experience is Priceless

Walt Disney wanted to create a place where parents and children could safely enjoy spending time together. He wanted that for his girls and he wanted that for families across America. He achieved that.

From trains and horse-drawn trolleys to roller coasters set in space, there’s something for everyone at Disney. That’s not to mention the parades, character experiences and just the magic of being there. One of the things I love the most about Disneyland and Disney World is that when you step across the turnstile and enter the park, you feel like you have stepped into another world. It’s easy to leave your cares and concerns behind, even if only for a day and enjoy a carefree time with the ones you love. I can’t put a price tag on that.

#3 – Some Things are Worth Splurging On

We all have things that we are willing to spend money on. For some, it’s $200+ designer jeans. For others it’s a name brand pair of heels or a purse. For others, it’s rare beer or wine or meals out at the latest eatery in town. For me, Disney is one of those things I am willing to splurge on because it holds great value for me.

My husband doesn’t feel that way. He would be perfectly content to never visit a Disney park again. To him, it’s an expensive way to wait in line, in the heat, with thousands of strangers. If you feel that way, maybe Disney isn’t for you. But if you enjoy Disney and it makes you feel good, and after saving up, you can afford it, then you shouldn’t feel bad about spending money on the experience.

After all, your memories will last forever.

What do you love about Disneyland or Disney World? Is the price of admission too high or is it worth it to you?

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