A Game of Thrones Style Map of Content Marketing

Ever wonder what the world of content marketing would look like in Westeros? Well, thanks to the creative folks at Contently, we don’t have to use our imagination. I love this map they put together of the social landscape applied … Read More

How to Design a Logo

I’m working with a friend currently to design a logo for a friend of mine who runs a home repair business. Trying to create the right logo to reflect my friend’s personality and business ethic has been a lot of … Read More

Inspiration for Innovation is Everywhere

What do shredded mini wheats and innovation have in common? Probably about as much as straw bales and home gardens. Straw bales are a common sighting in the Midwest. Every fall, farmland is prepared for the winter. After corn is … Read More

The Digital Public Library of America

Imagine the world at your fingertips. Or, at least America at your fingertips. The Digital Public Library of America launched today with one mission: share the treasures of American literature from its libraries, museums and archived collections with the world. … Read More

Content Curation

Continuing with the theme of online content, I thought I’d share this infographic which I found helpful about creating online content. It gets at the nature of content creation by switching up the second word – creation really is about … Read More