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The Fringe Series Finale: A Beautiful Goodbye

The Fringe series finale was beautiful. Unlike many other series finales (notably, LOST) it left me satisfied. It felt true and genuine. Just like the characters and the love they had for one another.

The Fringe series finale celebrated what … Read More

Campaign Cartography

I enjoy following politics. I’m not sure why because it usually leaves me disillusioned. Still, I enjoy the horse race as much as anyone. I LOVE these political maps NPR posted today that show which states are most important in … Read More

The Hardest Part of Copywriting

The hardest aspect of copywriting is to be brief. To say something meaningful in less, rather than more words is a craft unto itself. In trying to hone this skill myself, I ran across this encouraging quote:

“He did not … Read More

How to Be a Better Copywriter – Advice from a Professional

As a professional copywriter with more than six years of experience writing for companies, ad agencies and myself, I’ve put some thought into what writing advice I can share with anyone else out there striving to be a better copywriter. … Read More