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Website Content, Marketing Materials, Newsletters, Email Campaigns, Ads and More for a Commercial Electrical Contractor

Miller Electric has been powering Omaha for more than a century. As the city grew, the electric company grew along with it; many of the city’s most prominent buildings have been wired by Miller Electric. For decades, Miller’s growth came by word of mouth recommendations from their many satisfied clients. Today, Miller advertises its services through its website and a line of simple, no-nonsense marketing materials, both of which were created by OBI Creative, an innovative advertising agency headquartered in Omaha. OBI approached InkHarmony with an opportunity to partner with them in providing marketing materials and website content for Miller. Meet Miller and in the process, meet a copywriter who thinks that trade industry businesses warrant compelling copy just as much as high profile retail or entertainment firms.

website content for trades

Website content, marketing materials, newsletters, ads, email marketing, direct mail, and much much more for this commercial electrical contractor

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