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InkHarmony Helps DGI Rock Their New Website

Rockin’ Copy for Telecommunications Consultants

DGI helps IT staff and telecommunications professionals at schools, government organizations and businesses become rockstars by delivering relevant, profit-driving technology solutions. InkHarmony was privileged to write complete website content for DGI when it refreshed its online look and feel. As with all the organizations we help, it was a joy to discover DGI’s unique culture and personality through our thorough research process. Like DGI, we listen and then help organizations tell their story in a meaningful, powerful and effective manner.

Here’s snippets of some of our favorite verbiage from DGI’s site:

First, how can you not love their URL ( This is taking your theme to a granular level and carrying it across every aspect of your site. At InkHarmony, we love it 🙂


We help IT become a strategic partner, not a cost center.

We assist you by raising the role of IT beyond the management of trouble tickets and blinky lights. We show you how to elevate the perception of the department from a group of tactical firefighters to what it really is—a strategy driver, change agent, and powerful ally in the accomplishment of your organization’s goals.

If you’re ready to define success as more than tactical operations, then you’re ready for relevant IT.”

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